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Name:In non-ferrous metal…
1. Welding of automobile parts such as power assisted steering pipeline and supports etc

The power assisted steering pipeline and supports are most important parts in automobile brake system. Although arc welding is also available, but its operation is difficult and low efficient and the defective rate is high and hard to meet the design requirements. According to the pipeline structure characteristics and working conditions, flame brazing is the best welding method. When compared with other welding methods, the oxy-hydrogen flame brazing has the following advantages:
(1) Making minor changes and deformation on welding head and mechanical property, high precision of work pieces dimension.
(2) Available to weld dissimilar metals and other dissimilar materials, no strict limitations on work pieces thickness difference
(3) Available to weld multiple work pieces and heads in high efficiency
(4) Since heat affected zone is small and oxy-hydrogen flame is intensive, welding precision is high.
(5) Smooth and beautiful welding spots. Since there arc no beginning compositions generated in oxy-hydrogen combustion, no black dirt spots are left on work piece, so the work piece is free of secondary cleaning and polishing
(6) Equipment simple and low investment, save 50% of costs than acetylene
(7)No environment pollutions

2.Welding household air-conditioner and refrigerator parts

The cooling system of the white household appliances, like the air-conditioner and refrigerators are usually made of steel, aluminum and other non ferrous metals. The whole system is composed by full closed pipeline. Such strict requirements rely on the excellent welding process to ensure a good quality. Brazing welding and gas welding are mostly applied on pipes connection. The welding skill will influence the pipe connection as well as the whole machine quality in case of a failure caused by careless welding. The recent
produced air-conditioner and refrigerators most adopt oxygen-acetylcnc as heat source for braze welding, but this brings an increasing pressure to companies because of the energy shortage and environment pollution. Therefore, the oxy-hydrogen, with advantages of saving energy and protecting environment, start to replace the oxygen-acetylene and become a main welding fuel for steel and aluminum in household air-conditioners and refrigerators.

3.The welding of transformer wiring terminals, motor enamelled wire, and lead-acid battery plate in electronic industry

The welding technique plays an important role in magnetic wire and storage battery products which requires a high precise requirement. The welding performance has a direct impact on product quality and liability, product service life, production cost and efficiency, and market reaction speed, etc. Now the welding of the enamelled wire and other magnetic wire most adopts soft soldering which has defects of rosin joint, sealing off, loose spot and easy peel off with heating. Some others also adopt electric processing to weld the enamelled wire,but a lots of inconvenience exists when
welding multistrand by this method. Therefore, other flame welding methods like oxygen plus acetylene and propane, have been replaced by many other companies. Although oxygen-acetylene and other flame welding method also has advantages like quick welding speed, simple operation etc., a lot of other defects are also inevitable, nowadays the oxy-hydrogen has been adopted by more and more companies to replace those traditional fuels.

The oxy-hydrogen generator is also can be used to the various flame processing sites, such as the welding of metal wires, IC encapsulation, thermoelectric couple wire, LED wafer integration, hinge of the glasses metal frames, fine components cutting and fusing, sand hole fusion repair of tooth model, small casting, quenching and softening of small accessories, and so on.

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