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Application in pharmaceutical industry Liquid injection drugs(ampoule filling and drawing-sealing ) ask standard of strict no air leakage sealing, top round smooth, no torticollis, cusps, foams,empties, scorches, etc. The key technological condition for sealing is the flame. The traditional fuel gas (petrol atomization gas, acetylene gas, coal gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas) will produce solid particles after burn. The particles may contact with the drugs in the flask and make the drug is finally contaminated. The fuel gas added in the oxygen afterwards which brings pressure change, impurities and other unstable factor as well. This makes flame unsteady and cause defects on sealing to a low qualification
rate. That is to say the fuel gas is not only the means of injection drugs production, but it also means a pollution factor which impact the company's GMP certificate directly.
The ampoule drawing-sealing machine with oxy-hydrogen as fuel has advantages of non-toxic flame, non corrosive, free from contamination and solid burned particles, etc. It not only ensures the drug is clean and free from contamination, but also avoid empties, foams, scorchcs on sealing. The practice of massive production statistic shows that it can significantly increase the drawing-sealing qualification rate when compared with using the common fuel gas.

The advantages of using oxy-hydrogen in liquid
injection drugs sealing (Ampoule filling and drawing-sealing)

Clean and protect the environment:
After combustion, the oxy-hydrogen return to be water, which is clean and free from contamination, odorless, no beginning composition, and without any toxic substances. It keeps environment clean and prevent human, environment and drug from the harms of COx, SOx generated by common fuel gas. And it satisfies GMP requirements on ampoule filling and drawing-sealing.

High efficiency:
The self-produced high energy gas is freshly made for immediate use so it can get rid of processes like storage, transportation, etc.,which traditional gas need. The qualified sealing rate is more than 98%, and the sealing is strong, smooth. It has improved the bad phenomenon of undesirable air in ampoule and upgraded the production efficiency.

Multi-safety protection for sealing flame plate and flame nozzle, steady flame, no flame back on drawing, stable sealing quality. Economical:
It consumes pure water and electric, so the expenses of establishing gas station and storage are saved. The oxy-hydrogen combustion has high caloric value. The investment in equipment can be drawn back within 1 year after being applied in pharmaceutical industry.

The gas is freshly produced for immediate use so no gas is stored inside the equipment., therefore there is no potential safety hazard. The oxy-hydrogen outlet has water safety seal to prevent damages made by burn-back.

The machine is small and light, space-saving and portable to use. The oxy-hydrogen is conveyed by 1 pipe and no need of extra oxygen pipe. The pipe inner surface is clean so this more in line with the GMP requirements. When it can start to work only by pushing the start button.

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