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The oxy-hydrogen flame can be used in glass industry for baking and scaling, as well as the quartz glass fine parts cutting and fusion. It makes a good product quality. The oxy-hydrogen can be used in various glass industry: bottles for food, drugs, cosmetics, condiments,wine, and glass crafts etc. It specially take the spotlights on lamps glass, flameproof glass, steel glass, auto glass and thermal bending glass, etc. The oxy-hydrogen is a powerful tool in modem art glass development, research and production..

Due to a high intensified Oxy-hydrogen flame, it can be used to give a fast and transparent polish to rough edge, hollow side, inner bore, curve edge and other trapezoid edge of crystal letters and carvings made of organic glass and acrylic. It can settle the problems caused by traditional polishing methods, and especially suit for polishing the rough edge of organic glass products in different thicknesses. It is quick, efficient and convenient. The particular high temperature flame can give a quick transparency effect to the glass crafts. It is an ideal organic glass polishing machine and portable to carry and use outdoors.

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