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[Information] Mexican customers visit our company to learn more about Boiler Hydrogen and Oxygen Combustion Engine!
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Friday, April 20, 2018

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This customer from Mexico has great interest in the boiler's hydrogen-oxygen combustion equipment developed and produced by our company. I am very interested in Chinese culture. I really want to learn Chinese fluently. I come to China & Changsha for the first time to feel the people of Changsha. The enthusiasm and the intimate greetings from the reception staff of our company made him feel that the entire people were relaxed and not so nervous on the plane. Therefore, the conversation was unfettered and the smile was brighter, leaving us with a beautiful smile. impression.

At the company, from the hall to the conference room, he constantly greeted us with "hello..." Of course, we also enthusiastically answered: "hi,welcome" The customer is very happy.


We and the customer watch the company's growth videos, product videos, and wherever they need fire, they need such an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly equipment - the oxyhydrogen energy machine.

The customers are also very professional. Originally, their countries also attach great importance to energy-saving and environmental protection new energy equipment. We hope that more industrial enterprises will choose energy-saving and environment-friendly equipment, mainly to prevent air pollution, and to protect and improve the ecological environment.


For a while, we came to the R&D base. Under the leadership of Minister Wu, we came to the production workshop and witnessed the entire production process. We visited while we explained in detail.

The customer was very satisfied with the appearance and internal structure of the hydrogen-oxygen energy machine equipment we developed and gave a high evaluation.

When the customer left, they shared with us that they had learned a lot and had a deeper understanding of our company. It was no longer just a curiosity about the product, but a sincere admiration. We appreciate our corporate culture, business philosophy, and management methods.

I believe that only under such a cultural influence can the company grow. I hope you can visit it again if you have the opportunity. In short, this time was very happy and very satisfied.

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