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[New information] Italian customers visit our company to do their own gas production and power test!
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The customer from afar from Italy, in the official website of the company's products and peer company products after the comparison, to the business manager - Joan's mailbox message: "I will come to your company inspection, to Changsha, will call you to inform" , 9:30am, uh... Hello....ok ok We're here now. Then, under the warm reception of Sales Minister Nancy and Joan, we arrived at the conference room very soon. After a cup of tea and savory original tea, we began to talk about the functional characteristics of the oxyhydrogen energy machine and the development prospects of the oxyhydrogen machine in foreign and domestic markets.

1. Did you know? The only way to understand a company faster and more memory is to watch the company's growth segments. Then, we will enter the state and watch the development of our company together.

2. When the screen is paused, the customer will consult us. We will promptly answer the customer and continue to play. Repeatedly answer the customer dozens of times until the end of the segment. The customer is very satisfied and moved and praises our service. The spirit is "excited to want to say: I will definitely buy this product. I feel as if I am buying one and I am too embarrassed to go back to the country to learn about other products." After learning about the "Automobile Hydrogen and Oxygen Remover", we talked about "Boiler Combustion Engine," The Hydrogen Oxygen Cutting Machine and the Hydrogen Oxygen Welding Machine" were also introduced and went to the research and development base for flame testing. I think this will give customers a deeper understanding of our research and development-integrated strength on the hydrogen and oxygen energy machines.

▲ Prior to this, customers had consulted with peer companies. They were reluctant to allow customers to personally experience the actual test of gas production and power. Perhaps it was the reason why the technology was not yet mature. However, compared to its peers, we “have Instead of "what," the customer raised this question and wanted to test it by his own method. Therefore, the customer used the stopwatch timing method to test the equipment power (gas production) and got satisfactory data. PS: As long as it is any question raised by the customer, we are willing to provide all service support because we believe in our R&D strength!

A: The customer uses the kettle drainage stopwatch test as follows:

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Second: The multimeter test is as follows:

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1 But, then, we did not think that the customer would really use the above method to test. The customer was really an expert. After the test, he put up a thumbs up and said that it was awesome, very good!

2 The customer is indeed very professional. At the same time, it is necessary to praise the customer!

▲ After repeated tests, we saw clean and neat production workshops and beautiful machine parts packaging. He proposed that if you want to make a flame test, you will be able to confirm the order and assist the customer with the help of the technical department Fire test demonstration, test results, customers are very satisfied.

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PS: With the use of fossil fuels, greenhouse gas emissions are increasing, and the global climate is anomalous. The oxyhydrogen machines that meet the current energy conservation and emission reduction standards will be applied to more and more industries in the next few years. Hydrogen and oxygen energy generators fully meet the zero emission standards, and no harmful gases and secondary pollution can be reduced. 50%~80%, it can save 10%~30% of fuel consumption. I believe that with the efforts of everyone, more and more people will realize that using energy-saving and emission-reducing products will bring more benefits to our own environment.

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