Hunan Gaintop Technology Oxyhydrogen Cutting Machine Has been Successfully Used In Iron & Steel Manufacture
On September18, Hunan Gaintop Technology Oxyhydrogen cutting machine take place in Lengshuijiang Iron & steel Co., Ltd. As a hydrogen cutting machine leading producer. Hunan Gaaintop Technology Incorporated is leading this way in Oxyhydrogen cutting machine regard. Commodity improving and up-grading constantly, gradually replacement for the traditional way of cutting, also production line has been utilized maturely.
Oxyhydrogen cutting machine is in the course of water electrolysis to produce hydrogen and oxygen of high energy gas, hydrogen as fuel, oxygen as combustion-supporting. The production of hydrogen oxygen can completely replace as acetylene, propane, carbon gas, liquefied gas, etc. Besides, non-toxic, tasteless, smokeless and no pollution, because gas could make use well if they are going production. For another thing, security to be more higher than the cylinder gas, and production ending can be turned into recycled water, efficiency and environmental protection can come true. The use of oxyhydrogen cutting machine with cutting speed, little cut seam, surface is smooth, could not be slag. Significantly improves the work performance.